About Sketch Artist Dana Verkouteren

Dana Verkouteren is an internationally known courtroom artist whose work has appeared on several television networks including CNN, ABC and FOX.

Dana is also renowned for her Maryland caricature sketches and portrait work. A distinguishing pen stroke and knack for capturing an individual’s personal vitality, make her one of the most sought after portrait artists.

When not sketching, Dana teaches yoga and is involved in various health and healing practices. Over her long artistic career, Dana has developed keen abilities to discern people’s emotions and expressions. Being attuned to subtle facial and body movements, Dana uses her intuition by tuning in and teaches people to reduce stress through awareness of muscle tension and breathing patterns.

“Drawing people and circumstances requires intuition and a clear vision through the mind. Having a daily yoga and meditation practice is very helpful for maintaining a level of awareness. Otherwise there is a tendency to project the inner unconscious into the drawing. This creates “patterned drawing” where everyone has a similar look and stance. The enjoyment of this work is in the “seeing” the wonder and uniqueness of each individual.”

Dana’s Work in the Media